Using Clearbit within  Stamplay is pretty simple. 

Step 1:

Find that shiny logo bottom center of the COMPONENTS page. TASKS –> COMPONENTS

Step 2.

Pop in your Clearbit credentials.

Step 3.

Create your first task! In this example we’re running the Person API whenever a new user is created.

Step 4.

Define your trigger. Make sure to set the WEBHOOK ID as the user ID.

Step 5.

Name your Task

Step 6.

Add the Webhook component to your app. In COMPONENTS, add "Webhook" and create a new hook (it will generates a URL). Copy this URL.

Step 7.

Jump into your  Clearbit Dashboard (under the Accounts tab) and add your copied Stamplay webhook URL. 

Step 8. 

Create a second task that is triggered when your WEBHOOK receives some data and saves that data to an object in Stamplay.  

Step 9. 

Configure your TRIGGER and ACTION. 

Step 10. 

Name that task, and you're done!

Step 11. 

Turn your TASKS on!


You’ve integrated Clearbit and every time a new user signs up your app will run that email address through the Person API - sending you back all that beautifully enriched data. : )

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