How are Clearbit Categories mapped to Industry Standard Field

Clearbit's company enrichment returns a standardized set of industry data divided into four tiers - sector, industryGroup, industry, and subIndustry. We'll automatically map subIndustry to the standard Industry Salesforce field if available. We'll fall back to our own industry field if subIndustry is unavailable.

Note: While sector and industryGroup are returned and stored as a Clearbit record, they will not be mapped to a lead or account's default industry field. You can however access them with a custom formula if desired.

As this standardization can be extremely valuable to programmatic use-cases, a full list of the industry values that we return can be found here. However, as Salesforce limits it's fields to a maximum of 40 characters, some industries and subIndustries are shortened to 37 characters + ... Industry values from the list above that have been shortened for Salesforce are listed here for reference.

industry subIndustry
Technology Hardware, Storage & Periph... Technology Hardware, Storage & Periph...
Electronic Equipment, Instruments & C... Technology Distributors
Electronic Equipment, Instruments & C... Electronic Components
Technology Hardware, Storage & Periph...