What data fields do you return?

You'll find the current list of data attributers that we return below. We are always adding new data, so if you are looking for something that isn't listed, feel free to  give us a shout!

Person Attributes Notes
Given Name
Family Name
Location The most accurate location we have (City, State, Country)
Time Zone The timezone for the person’s location
UTC Offset The offset from UTC in hours in the person’s location
Bio The most accurate bio we have
Site The person’s website
Avatar The best avatar url we have
Employer Domain
Facebook Handle
Github Handle
Github Company Person's company as listed on Github
Github Blog Person's blog as listed on Github
Github Followers
Github Following
Twitter Handle
Twitter ID
Twitter Followers
Twitter Following
Twitter Avatar Person's Avatar on twitter
Linkedin Handle
Google+ Handle
Angellist Handle
Angellist Bio Person's bio as listed on Angellist
AboutMe Handle
Fuzzy FALSE indicates that search resulted in an exact match
Seniority founder, executive, manager, etc. (see a complete list)
Role marketing, product, legal, etc. (see a complete list)
Company Attributes Notes
Company Name
Legal Name
Website URL
Tags List of market categories the company is involved in
Sector Broad sector ( see a complete list)
Industry Group Industry group ( see a complete list)
Industry Group Industry ( see a complete list)
Sub Industry Sub industry ( see a complete list)
Description The best description we have
Location Full Address of Company Headquarters
Street Number
Suite #
Postal Code
Funding Raised Total funding raised to date
Google Page Rank
Alexa US Ranking
Alexa Global Ranking
Employee Count
Market Cap Market Cap (public companies only)
Facebook Handle
Linkedin Handle
Twitter Handle
Twitter Followers
Twitter Following
Twitter Location
Twitter Site
Angellist Handle
Angellist Bio
Angellist Blog
Angellist Site
Angellist Followers
Email Provider Is the domain associated with a free email provider (i.e. Gmail)?
Type education, government, nonprofit, private, public, or personal
Phone # International headquarters phone number
Technology Used A list of the technology that a company uses ( see a complete list)