At Clearbit, we use Slack every single day and couldn't imagine life without this integration.

In short, each new website signup is Enriched in real-time and piped into a dedicated #signups channel.  The entire team gets to see the profile of who just signed up - it's quite addictive.  Oh, and there are even a few fancy slash commands :)

Getting started is a 2-step process -

Step 1: Add to Slack!

Go to and click the Add to Slack button! With that, you will simply authenticate your Clearbit account (create a free one if you haven't already) and choose a #channel for data to magically flow into.

To verify that it's setup properly, you can test an email and/or try one of two Slash commands:

  • /enrich [email or company URL]
  • /prospect [company URL] [title/role]

Step 2: Add to your signup process

To enable the magical signup channel, you will need to drop a line or two of code into your signup form. You can either do this client side with a JavaScript tag, or server side by sending the emails to our endpoint. 

You can find your customized JavaScript, Ruby, and cURL snippets and further instructions at