How do I enrich Accounts if I don't have their website in Salesforce?

In order to enrich accounts in Salesforce, Clearbit requires a valid domain in the Account's website field. If you don't bring that in when a lead is created, it can be a pain to manually enter. Luckily Salesforce's Process Builder combined with Clearbit enrichment, make it easy to pull account domain straight from a contact's email. Here's how you can get that set up -

1. Start the Process Builder

You'll find the Process Builder by heading to Setup -> Create -> Workflow & Approvals -> Process Builder. Click the New button to get started.

Name the process and continue 

2. Add an object and set the trigger

You'll want to start by adding an object. You'll want to set the object to Contact, and make sure to start the process when a record is created or edited.

3. Add your criteria

Next we'll want to specify which Accounts should be enriched. Here are the criteria we'll be using:

1. An empty Clearbit object exists and is associated with the contact (cbit__Clearbit__c is not null)

2. Contact has been enriched by Clearbit. (ClearbitReady = True on the contact)

3. Account's website field is null

4. Contact's email field is not null

5. Contact's email is not a free email provider (like Gmail, Hotmail, etc.)

4. Write to the account's website field

The last step is to take the domain that Clearbit returns from the contact's email and write it to the Account website. To get started, click on the Add Action button to the right of the Criteria that we just set up.

Set the Action type to Update Records, and name the action. Set record type to Account ID. Note that the dropdown has Account ID listed twice. You want to select the one without the arrow next to it.

Set the dropdown to Website - Reference - Clearbit -> Company Domain

You can find the company domain field like this:

When you are done the Process should look like this:

Click the big blue Activate button, and you are off to the races! Every time a contact is edited or created from now on, it will fill it's account's website field and enrich the account.

5. Extra Credit - Website field backfill

It's worth noting that while this workflow will work with all new or edited contacts, it won't effect your existing database. If you want to backfill your existing accounts, you'll need to do a batch update.

The way we suggest doing this usually, is to trick Salesforce into thinking you updated the record. To do that you can create a temporary custom boolean field on the Contact object. Then export all your contacts Salesforce ID's using a report. Add a second column with a value of true for each ID, and re-import with dataloader. This will update every contact and kick off the Process we just created. After its done, you can simply delete the custom field, and you'll have a fully enriched DB.

This gets a bit confusing, but we're here to help - :)