Mixpanel Setup Guide

Mixpanel is a web and mobile analytics tool that allows you to track and understand user behavior. If you already collect customer data through Segment (a simplified customer data tracking API with pre-built integrations for hundreds of tools) you can easily enrich user profiles in Mixpanel using Clearbit's Segment integration.

  • Deeply understand your customers: use Clearbit data to better understand your customers, bucketing by Twitter follower count or timezone for example
  • Empower your analysts: let your analysts focus on answering important questions rather than wasting hours on customer research and data cleansing
  • Build intelligent notifications: combine product usage and Clearbit data to generate smart, contextually-relevant emails, push notifications, and text messages

Important: before you can start pushing Clearbit data into Mixpanel you'll need to integrate Clearbit with Segment by following the steps in the Segment Setup Guide.


  1. Make sure the Mixpanel Integration is set up properly in Segment

    Follow the steps in Segment's Mixpanel Integration guide and make sure Mixpanel is Enabled in the Integrations section of your Segment dashboard.

  2. Verify that Clearbit data is populating in Mixpanel

    Assuming you've set up everything correctly, you should see enriched Clearbit data in the Properties section of User Profiles in Mixpanel. All Clearbit-supplied properties will be prefixed with clearbit_.

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