Redshift / Postgres Setup Guide

If you already collect customer data through  Segment (a simplified customer data tracking API with pre-built integrations with hundreds of tools) you can easily sync Clearbit customer enrichment data into a warehouse for further archiving and analysis. Segment currently supports Postres and Amazon Redshift databases.

  • Answer better questions: use Clearbit's data to answer questions about your customers (ie how many of my customers are in marketing and use Marketo?)
  • Build powerful dashboards: once enriched Clearbit data is in your warehouse, use an analytics tool like Looker or Periscope to visualize your customers
  • Empower your analysts: adding Clearbit data directly to your database empowers analysts to use SQL to powerfully query raw attributes

Important: before you can start pushing Clearbit data into your warehouse you'll need to integrate Clearbit with Segment by following the steps in the Segment Setup Guide.


  1. Make sure Redshift is properly set up as a warehouse in Segment

    Follow the steps in Segment's Warehouse Setup guide and make sure data is being synced into the warehouse successfully.

  2. Verify that Clearbit data is syncing to your warehouse

    Assuming everything is set up correctly, Clearbit columns (prefixed by clearbit_) are automatically added to the users table in your warehouse and populated with enriched Clearbit data.

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