HubSpot Setup Guide

HubSpot is an all-in-one inbound marketing tool, built to help companies manage and measure their marketing funnel from a customer's initial website visit to their first purchase. If you already collect customer data through Segment (a simplified customer data tracking API with pre-built integrations for hundreds of tools) you can easily enrich contacts in HubSpot using Clearbit's Segment integration.

  • Nurture leads: send finely-tuned marketing offers to leads using Clearbit-supplied role and seniority tags to precisely target executives or sales reps 
  • Augment existing data: fill in the blanks with Clearbit's name, location, and bio attributes
  • Empower sales reps: save valuable research time by sending alerts to your sales team that include full customer and company details (powered by Clearbit)

Important: before you can start pushing Clearbit data into HubSpot you'll need to integrate Clearbit with Segment by following the steps in the Segment Setup Guide.


  1. Make sure HubSpot is set up properly in Segment

    Follow the steps in Segment's HubSpot Integration guide and make sure HubSpot is Enabled in the Integrations section of your Segment dashboard.

  2. Add custom Contact Properties to HubSpot

    In order for Segment to properly sync Clearbit's enriched data to HubSpot custom properties must be added to HubSpot that map to  Clearbit's field mappings. Custom properties can be added to HubSpot under Contacts -> Contacts Settings.
  3. Verify that Clearbit data is populating in HubSpot

    Assuming you've set everything up correctly, you should see enriched Clearbit data in the Properties section of each enriched Contact record in HubSpot.

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