Batch Enrichment FAQ

Our Batch Enrichment service lets you upload a list of emails or domains and download an enriched list of people or companies respectively. If you have an occasional one-off need for our  Enrichment product then this is the best way of using it. You can access the batch service under your dashboard.


Batches are not charged on a subscription basis, but per email or domain looked up. The price per row is $0.1 USD, and we round to $5 increments. 

Preparing a CSV

Lists uploaded to Batch Enrichment should be in the CSV (Comma Separated Values) format, with a `.csv` extension. You should have at least one column containing either emails or company website domains.

You can generate a CSV from any modern spreadsheeting application. We've put together  a guide for those of you using Excel.


You can find an  example response here. All the attributes we return normally from our API are present in the CSV as columns. Data from the original CSV you uploaded won't be present, but rows will be returned in the same order.

Delayed batches

If your batch gets stuck at ~99% processing for more than 10 minutes then please reach out to and we'll get it fixed.