What technologies do you return?

Every time you enrich a domain using our Company Enrichment API, we'll return a list of technology that the domain has implemented. 

We are constantly adding new tech tags. Below, you'll find an up-to-date list of the technology that our APIs can currently return. If you are looking for something specific and don't see it on the list, then you can request a new technology here

Technology Attribute Returned via API
Google Widgets google_widgets
Twitter Badge twitter_badge
Google Analytics google_analytics
Omniture Adobe Analytics omniture_adobe_analytics
Crazy Egg crazy_egg
Google Adsense google_adsense
Double Click double_click
Chart Beat chart_beat
User Voice user_voice
Bing Ads bing_ads
Disqus disqus
Facebook Connect facebook_connect
Get Satisfaction get_satisfaction
App Nexus app_nexus
Cloudinary cloudinary
Kiss Metrics kiss_metrics
Mixpanel mixpanel
Google Adwords google_adwords
Adroll adroll
Google Affiliate Network google_affiliate_network
Facebook Social Plugins facebook_social_plugins
Optimizely optimizely
Twitter Button twitter_button
Newrelic newrelic
Pinterest pinterest
Segment segment
Totango totango
Typekit By Adobe typekit_by_adobe
Perfect Audience perfect_audience
Twitter Advertising twitter_advertising
Drip drip
Lead Dyno lead_dyno
Facebook Custom Audience facebook_custom_audience
Cloud Flare cloud_flare
Joomla joomla
Stripe stripe
Wordpress wordpress
AWS Ec2 aws_ec2
AWS Route 53 aws_route_53
Braintree braintree
Constant Contact constant_contact
Customer.io customer_io
Digital Ocean digital_ocean
Drupal drupal
Google Apps google_apps
Heroku heroku
Hubspot hubspot
Jobvite jobvite
Mailgun mailgun
Mandrill mandrill
Marketo marketo
Nginx nginx
Outlook outlook
Pardot pardot
Rackspace rackspace
The Resumator / Jazz resumator
Salesforce salesforce
Sendgrid sendgrid
Wistia wistia
Zendesk zendesk
Wufoo wufoo
Survey Monkey survey_monkey
TypeForm typeform
Intercom intercom
ReSRC.it resrcit
WooCommerce woo_commerce
Magento magento
Shopify shopify
Silkroad HR silkroad
Lever lever
Recruiterbox recruiterbox
iCIMS ATS icims
Simplicant simplicant
Greenhouse greenhouse
Ultipro ultipro
Workable workable
Success Factors success_factors
Eloqua eloqua
Rails Framework ruby_on_rails
oLark olark
MS Sharepoint sharepoint
NexTable nextable
ChowNow chownow
Yelp SeatMe yelp_seatme
OpenTable open_table