How do I map Clearbit data to leads, contacts or account layouts?

Clearbit data is stored as custom object records. In order to surface that data, say in a lead list view, you need to make a custom formula. In this tutorial, we’re going to take you through an example of surfacing up a lead's Alexa ranking in the list view. This will enable you to add custom fields with Clearbit data to layout pages, view the field at a high level without having to click through to a lead, and even sort by leads with highest employee count, Alexa rank, etc..

First we need to create a custom formula linked to our Clearbit data field. Follow the steps below:

  1. Browse to Setup -> Customize -> Leads -> Fields. If you're using Lightning you'll find this under Setup Home -> Objects and Fields -> Object Manager -> Lead -> Fields and Relationships.
  2. Under Lead Custom Fields (Fields and Relationships in Lightning) click New
  3. For the field type, select Formula. Click Next.
  4. Enter the field’s name. In this case it’s going to be alexa.
  5. Since the Alexa number is an integer, select Number as the Formula Return Type. Click Next.
  6. Click Insert Field under the Advanced Formula tab. Navigate toLead -> Clearbit -> Company Alexa Global Ranking. Click Insert.
  7. Use the radio buttons at the bottom of the page to select if you want to treat blanks as zeroes or blanks. In most cases, we suggest treating them as blanks.
  8. Click Next until the setup flow is finished - the default options should be fine. ClickSave.

Now we have our custom field, let’s go ahead and add it to the default lead list view. 

  1. Browse to Leads
  2. Click Edit to edit the list view
  3. Scroll down to Select Fields to Display. Select alexa under Available Fields and click Add to add the field to Selected Fields.
  4. Save the list view. You should now see a new column by each lead indicating its Alexa ranking.