What counts as an Enrichment "API Request"?

What is an Enrichment API Request?
An API request is when an email address or website domain is queried against any of the Enrichment API endpoints. A personal email, a corporate email, or a website domain lookup would all count equivalently as one API request. API requests can be by way of direct access (ex. cURL command), your own application, or via a prebuilt integration (ex. Google sheets).

When is an API Request counted towards my monthly limit?
Clearbit only counts requests which return 200, 201, 202, or 404 status codes. In addition, only unique requests are counted each billing period - meaning if 'alex@clearbit.com' were queried two days in a row, it would still only count as a single API request.

As such, customers are free to make identical API requests over and over during the same billing period. This is often very helpful for developers when testing out an integration, for example.