How do I use Clearbit data in my reports?

Clearbit's Salesforce integration makes it incredibly easy to build reports with data sourced from both Clearbit and Salesforce. This unified view can be very useful for lead prioritization and pipeline analysis, amongst other things. 

Clearbit data is stored as custom object records which are natively linked to Salesforce Lead, Contact, and Account records. There are preconfigured report templates which automatically join Clearbit and Salesforce data together.

Let's say we want to profile our Converted Leads with key Clearbit data.

  1. Create a new Report and select the Create New button.  
  2. Under Select Report Type, expand the Leads folder, choose the Leads with converted lead information and Clearbit report type, and hit Create.
  3. Once the report template has been generated, simply drag & drop fields from the left hand pane to your liking. Simply scroll down or do a Quick Find for "Clearbit" to find the selectable Clearbit fields.

    In the below example, we've added Clearbit Company Employees and Clearbit Alexa Rank and have filtered US companies, powered by Clearbit Geolocation fields.

And that's it! Now, you can create reports which will dynamically update as new Clearbit data is changed/added into the system.

Note that you will want to select different preconfigured report templates for Account and Contact-centric reports.