How do I trigger the Clearbit Webhook in Marketo?

Once you've  got your webhook all set up, you can use it to enrich leads with Marketo’s built in triggers. In this tutorial, we’ll be setting up Marketo to enrich every new lead that is created, but you can use any Marketo trigger you'd like.

  1. Head to Marketing Activities -> New Smart Campaign (you can put this in any folder you wish. We have it in our Data Management folder)
  2. On the Smart List tab, drag over the Lead is Created trigger to the main work space (Remember: you can use your new webhook with any type of trigger. Perhaps a new Interesting Moment?)
  3. Under Flow, drag Call Webhook to the work space, and select your new Clearbit webhook
  4. Drag Wait to the work space, place under Call Webhook, and set it to 1 minute
  5. Drag a second Call Webhook to the work space, place under Wait, and select another Clearbit webhook (If you’re curious - calling the webhook the first time triggers the lookup, the wait gives the API enough time to complete the lookup with a safe margin, and the second webhook call retrieves the results)
  6. Under Schedule, click Activate

All your new leads should now be enriched by Clearbit. The sky is the limit with how you segment and market to your leads using your shiny new Clearbit data. If you come up with something really cool, let us know! We’d love to hear about it. :)