How do I set up a Clearbit Webhook in Marketo?

With Marketo’s webhook functionality and our flexible API, you can automatically enrich new leads with valuable information like Total Funding, Employee Count, Location and Social Networks. Better yet, you can be up and running in under 5 minutes.

Step one - Create your custom fields

You are going to need somewhere to put your Clearbit data, so let’s add a few custom fields to your leads. You can map Clearbit data to any existing Marketo field as well, but in case the attribute you are looking for doesn’t have a field by default, follow the steps below to add it. 

Take a look at the list at the bottom of the page, which includes every field that we currently return to Marketo. Most users are only interested in a handfull of attributes, so don't let the long list scare you. You can also always add new fields in later if you'd like.

  1. In Marketo, head to your Admin panel
  2. Browse to Field Management -> New Custom Field
  3. Choose the field type (Pick String for short text fields and Text Area for longer fields, like bios)
  4. Name the field and click CREATE
  5. Repeat for any fields you want to add

Step two - Create a Clearbit webhook

Next, we’ll connect Clearbit to Marketo.

  1. Head to Admin -> Webhooks -> New Webhook
  2. After naming the webhook, enter the following in the URL text area -{{lead.Email Address:default=email}}
  3. Change Request Type to GET, and Response Type to JSON
  4. Save

Time to add authorization!

  1. Under the Webhook Actions toolbar, select Set Custom Header
  2. Add a new header. Set Header to Authorization and Value to Bearer YOUR_API_KEY (You can grab your Clearbit API Key from

Finally, we’ll map our Clearbit data to the Marketo fields you set up earlier.

  1. Click the Edit button on the Response Mapping box
  2. Click Add
  3. Set Response Attribute to the Clearbit attribute that you want to grab (a full list below), and Marketo Field to the corresponding field that you created in step one
  4. Repeat for each field you want to set up (Helpful Hint: Copy and paste from the attribute columns below)

That's all there is to it.  Check out our doc on triggering webhooks in Marketo for implementation instructions.

Clearbit Attributes

Note: These attributes reflect our most recent api version.
Person Attribute Description string First name of person (if found) string Last name of person (if found) string Full formatted name of person. Sometimes this will be present even if the givenName or familyName aren’t available
person.gender string male or female
person.location string The most accurate location we have string Normalized city based on location
person.geo.state string Normalized state based on location
person.geo.stateCode string Two character state code string Normalized two letter country code based on location
person.geo.countryCode string Two character country code string General latitude based on location
person.geo.lng string General longitude based on location string The most accurate bio we have string The person’s website
person.avatar string The best avatar url we have string Company name
person.employment.title string Job title
person.employment.domain string Company domain
person.employment.role string Job role
person.employment.seniority string Job seniority
person.facebook.handle string Facebook ID or screen name
person.github.handle string GitHub handle integer GitHub ID
person.github.avatar string GitHub avatar string GitHub company string GitHub blog url
person.github.followers string Count of GitHub followers
person.github.following string Count of GitHub following
person.twitter.handle string Twitter screen name string Twitter ID
person.twitter.followers integer Count of Twitter followers
person.twitter.following integer Count of Twitter friends
person.twitter.location string Twitter location string Twitter site
person.twitter.statuses integer Tweet count
person.twitter.favorites integer Favorite count
person.twitter.avatar string HTTP Twitter avatar
person.linkedin.handle string LinkedIn url (i.e. /pub/alex-maccaw/78/929/ab5)
person.googleplus.handle string Google Plus handle.
person.angellist.handle string AngelList handle. integer AngelList id. string AngelList bio. string AngelList blog. string AngelList site.
person.angellist.followers integer AngelList followers count.
person.angellist.avatar string AngelList avatar url.
person.aboutme.handle string handle string bio
person.aboutme.avatar string avatar URL
person.gravatar.handle string Gravatar handle.
person.gravatar.urls array Array of URLs from Gravatar.
person.gravatar.avatar string Gravatar main avatar url.
person.gravatar.avatars string Array of objects containing a avatar url, and a type (i.e. thumbnail).
person.fuzzy boolean Indicating whether or not the lookup is a fuzzy or exact search. string Name of company
company.legalName string Legal name of company
company.domain string Domain of company’s website string URL of company’s website string HTML title contents of company’s website
company.category.sector string Broad sector (e.g. Information Technology)
company.category.industryGroup string Industry group (e.g. Software & Services)
company.category.industry string Industry (e.g. Software)
company.category.subIndustry string Sub industry (e.g. Application Software)
company.description string Description of the company
company.location string Address of company
company.geo.streetNumber string Street number of company address
company.geo.streetName string Street of company address
company.geo.subPremise string Unit number of company address string City of company address
company.geo.state string State of company address string Country of company address
company.geo.postalCode string Postal code of company address string Latitude of company address
company.geo.lng string Longitude of company address
company.facebook.handle string Company’s Facebook ID
company.facebook.likes integer Company’s Facebook likes
company.linkedin.handle string Company’s Linkedin URL
company.twitter.handle string Twitter screen name string Twitter ID string Twitter Bio
company.twitter.followers integer Count of Twitter followers
company.twitter.following integer Count of Twitter friends
company.twitter.location string Twitter location string Twitter site
company.twitter.avatar string HTTP Twitter avatar
company.angellist.handle string AngelList handle. string AngelList bio. string AngelList blog. string AngelList site.
company.angellist.followers integer AngelList followers count.
company.angellist.avatar string AngelList avatar url.
company.crunchbase.handle string Crunchbase handle
company.logo string SRC of company logo
company.emailProvider boolean is the domain associated with a free email provider (i.e. Gmail)?
company.type string The company’s type, either education, government, nonprofit, private, public, or personal. string International headquarters phone number
company.ticker string Stock ticker symbol
company.metrics.employees integer Amount of employees
company.metrics.alexaUsRank integer Alexa’s US site rank
company.metrics.alexaGlobalRank integer Alexa’s global site rank
company.metrics.googleRank integer Google Page Rank of company’s website
company.metrics.marketCap integer Company's market cap
company.metrics.raised integer Total amount raised