How do I test if our Webhook is working?

Set up your  Webhook and triggers, and still not seeing your leads populate with Clearbit data? Here is the easiest way to check if the webhook is coming through properly -

  1. Perform whatever activity it is that you have set to trigger the lead (in our tutorial, it triggers on lead creation)
  2. Head to Marketing Activities -> Your Smart Campaign -> Results
  3. Under the Activity Type column, you should see a value of Call Webhook. (if you don't then you must not have your trigger set correctly. Learn how to configure here). Click on the ID of that row
  4. The Response Code attribute in the modal that pops up should shed some light into the current status of the webhook. Use the table below to troubleshoot.
Response Code Description
200 The webhook was called correctly. If your fields aren't populating, either we didn't find information for that attribute or your fields are mapped incorrectly.
202 Your request is queued and we need a little extra time to find information. This is why we suggest you  call the webhook twice.
401 Authorization error. Something must be wrong with your API key, make sure that you set up your headers correctly.
402 You are over your free trial quota.  Time to upgrade your account!
403 Your API is good but you don't have access to this particular API.  Time to upgrade your account!
50X There is an internal server error on our side. Give us a shout!
1000 This is an internal Marketo error. It's usually thrown when a user tries to trigger a Webhook call as a batch, which Marketo doesn't allow (Webhooks can only be triggered). More info from Marketo here